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Magnesium deficiency not only impairs Performance and Recovery, but also with your ability to sleep, since it regulates the neurotransmitters that “turn off” your brain at night.

PM Muscle Recovery is a unique Magnesium Complex boosted with Tart Cherry and Melatonin, to fight Oxidative Stress & Inflammation, while promoting Muscle Strength and Better Sleep*

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Magnesium Glycinate 450mg, Zinc 30mg & B6 12mg plus Tart Cherry 250mg & Melatonin 3mg. Designed to Fight Inflammation and Restore Muscle Health, while enabling a Deeper Sleep so that your Body gets the Rest it needs to Recover*

Suggested use: Take 2 veggie caps 1 hour before bedtime with a glass of water or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

30 or 60 Servings

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6 reviews for Muscle Recovery

  1. Dana P

    My husband has been using this for the past couple of weeks, he works out at night and usually he’s jittery. It’s been really helpful as it eases him to sleep without feeling tired in the morning.

  2. Collin L

    This is probably the most convenient night time supplement I’ve had. It takes everything that anyone SHOULD take before bed and puts it in one formula which is great. I do however find it a bit pricey. But if you don’t care about that, then I’d recommend this product

  3. Britt A

    Sleep! I CrossFit as much as I can and have always struggled with sleep, so this product is perfect for me. It has worked well for me.

  4. JT

    Didn’t think I needed this recovery until I woke up the next morning feeling energized and ready to go

  5. A. Caceres

    I take the two caps an hour before crawling into bed. I get sleepy within 20 minutes or so. It’s been helping to have a deeper sleep, I feel more rested the next day.

  6. Mike

    I was looking for a magnesium and zinc supplement and very happy to see Prospera launched a new product. I have had great results from their other products due to their high quality ingredients. I have been using this supplement for a couple of weeks and am extremely happy with the results. I feel well rested and ready to push hard through my workouts.

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