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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and a vital building block to stay healthy. Our ability to naturally produce it declines with age, limiting how we fight the signs of aging*

Nourish Your Body After Intense Training* – Continuous exertion leads to collagen depletion, which causes a slow degradation of the connecting tissue (like muscles & joints).

Healthy Joints & Strong Muscles* – Many sport injuries are progressive developments, adequate Collagen levels are essential for proper muscle recovery and overall health*

Youthful Skin & Hair Vitality* – Hydrolyzed Collagen works from within to fight the signs of aging, boosting the health and looks of hair, nails and skin*  

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Prospera Collagen Peptides provides 12 grams of highly absorbable Hydrolyzed Powder. Unflavored. 100% Collagen, No (Zero) additional ingredients.

  • Support your Workout: Supplies the Amino Acids & Collagen Protein needed for healthy Joint Support & Muscle Recovery*
  • Anti Aging for Hair, Skin and Nails: Restores body’s key building blocks and naturally diminishing collagen, to keep you looking young*
  • Easy on the Stomach: Prospera Collagen Powder is broken down into tiny particles for Easier Digestion & Absorption*
  • Unflavored: Dissolves & mixes well in your morning coffee or any other drink.


Suggested use: Add 1 scoop (12g) daily to your favorite food or beverage (stir until fully dissolved).

12.7 OZ (360g) Count – 30 Servings

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 5.5 in

Single, 2-pack, 3-pack


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11 reviews for Collagen Peptides

  1. TheToal

    As advertised, exactly what you paid for. I’ve been taking this every morning with my early morning shake. It really has virtually no taste (what I was looking for) but I’m not sure I’d add it to my coffee like I see it advertised here and there ….

  2. Rory F

    Ive tried a handful of collagen supplements over the past few years and have had some mixed results. Rather than taking protein or collagen for bulk, I was initially most interested in the recovery and injury mitigation side of it. I am a tall guy (6’5) just into my 40s and the net effect on my joints from a very active lifestyle had started to show, particularly my ankles. The first two products I had purchased and finished (4-6 weeks) as directed had little noticeable benefit, but the Prospera collagen has helped immensely. My ankles are in great shape, Ive been able to run more efficiently and the random soreness I was encountering is gone. I also had a minor tear in my labrum thats been nagging me for a year, to the point I was unable to work my chest without pain, and that has improved as well. I am doing pushups and more advanced planks without the searing pain I was experiencing in my shoulder. All in all, for my needs, this product has been great!

  3. HIC Girl

    I’m an avid CrossFitter and first learned about this product from Morning Chalkup. I’ve been hooked since. As much as I love CrossFit it is demanding on the body. I’m not getting any younger Lol! I needed something to fuel my body, to prevent injury, and get stronger. I love this product and back it 100%.

  4. Eli S

    I’ve recently started back up my vitamin regiment again because of all the aches and pains associated with staying active as you age. This was easy to incorporate because I can literally add it to my morning water bottle and not taste a thing. I’ve notice much improvement in just how I feel after WODs and not feeling so broke down physically. Get it!

  5. Meghan M

    Amazing product! My husband and I are active and attend Crossfit classes 4-6 times a week. After taking this product we were not as sore as we usually are. Furthermore, I noticed a difference in my hair, skin, and nails. It blends easily with all drinks.

  6. Erin B

    I first have to mention that this product is super easy to incorporate into a diet- I either throw it into my protein shake or oatmeal or PB2fit and am able to incorporate it during my breakfast/lunch/dinner. I have noticed a remarkable difference in hair growth/volume since starting this product. I have been using it in conjunction with the Curcumin product and have noticed a difference in recovery rate and less DOMS following my workouts. I recommend this product, not only for athletes, but for hair/skin/nail health as well! I am very happy about this purchase!

  7. Veronica R

    This is my second jar, and that is a sign that I liked the product. Actually I really liked it. I saw a huge change in skin and hair. One scoop gives 12 grams of Collagen, vs. other you need 2 scoops.
    Mixes well (I put it on my morning shakes) and doesn’t alter the flavor.

  8. Susan K

    Good source of protein for women especially. I came to know this Collagen when I saw our Dietitian making a smoothie using this as one of the ingredients. I have been using for a couple of weeks and have seen noticeable improvement in my hair. I add it to my coffee or my shakes.

  9. Laura R

    I’ve been using this Bioactive Collagen for over three weeks now, and already started feeling less of the usual soreness I get due my training (Crossfit). I’ve also noticed a nice difference in my skin, which is a plus. I feel it more hydrated and not as dry. I put the collagen with my pre-workout and mixes well, you can’t tell is in it. Would definitely recommend this supplement.

  10. Agustin C

    I was skeptical but after a couple of weeks of daily use, the results were clear. Felt better on my achy shoulder and noticed to be less tired overall. Truly flavorless and dissolves very well.

  11. Maureen B

    I’ve been taking other Collagen powders and decided to give this one a try since it seems to be more concentrated. Almost a month in, and I’m very happy with it. No weird taste, and dissolves well (although it needs to be stirred for a while in iced cold water). Will buy it again

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