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08 Jan


Benefits of Collagen Supplements in Sports


Collagen levels decrease naturally as we age. Continued exertion accelerates the depletion of Collagen protein, reducing our body’s ability to fight the aging process and keep all connective tissue strong. Collagen supplements can make up for some of this loss and become a great addition for athletic performance.

Collagen products have mostly been marketed to improve skin condition and bone strength, but as evidence from research grows, we’re seeing more collagen use towards the support of fitness and athletic performance.

Here are some of the fitness benefits of collagen supplements that are backed by at least some research evidence.


Collagen is an important component of cartilage, the tissue that cushions and support joints. As we get older this tissue wears down and, as mentioned above, this process occurs faster among athletes. As cartilage wears away, we experience joint pain and even arthritis.

Studies have shown that using collagen supplements can reduce joint pain and specific symptoms of osteoarthritis.*

One study on 147 athletes who suffered from sport related joint pain have shown pain relief and symptom improvement over the 24-week period of the study (1)

If joint pain limits how much you exercise, Collagen Peptides may help decrease joint pain, improving mobility and quality of training.*


Collagen is a critical component of all connective tissues, including muscles. One reason of muscle mass loss is due to collagen depletion.

Research has shown that collagen supplements can reverse this aging trend in people diagnosed with sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss. One specific study looked at elderly men with muscle loss, but the processes discovered could potentially apply to anyone. Researchers found that men who combined exercise with post-workout collagen supplement, built more muscle mass than those that exercised and received placebo (2)

Evidence that collagen supplements can increase muscle mass in younger, healthy population is limited. But it is a possibility given that collagen plays such an active role in muscle health. In addition, Collagen contains the amino acids arginine and glycine, building blocks for creatine, which is known to build strength and improve muscle mass and performance (3)


Speed Up Recovery*: The recovery of damaged muscles post workout relies on regenerating muscle fibers and producing scar tissue. Both of these processes require collagen, and collagen production is boosted during healing.

Reduce Sports Injuries*: Preventing or minimizing injuries can help stay on track with your fitness routine, hence improving your athletic performance. And Collagen may help reduce the risk of injury. Studies suggests that collagen supplementation can increase the diameter of tendons in joints. One study in particular looked at athletes and their ankles. The athletes were given collagen supplements or a placebo for six months. Those with the supplement had significantly lower rates of ankle injuries (4)

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